About us

We are a dedicated team who are passionate about the totality and complexity of a hydraulic and electrical system (fluid mechatronics).


  • Emerged from traditional hydraulic companies
  • Many years of project experience with high levels of benefit to the customer
  • Founded in 2006
  • Development of test bench technology and special systems according to customer requirements
  • Part of the Hydraulik Nord Group since April 2021
In order to provide you with the necessary expertise, we have all the disciplines in-house. We use this to solve all questions quickly and competently. As a result, we are best prepared for your technical challenges.

Hydraulic Nord Group

Established as a leading specialist for hydraulic systems, the Hydraulik Nord Group offers individual product solutions for the various challenges on the world markets. This portfolio is based on the solid foundation of decades of expertise in the development, production and sale of high-quality products in the fields of mobile hydraulics, stationary hydraulics and the associated all-round service.
  • A group of companies with around 1,000 employees
  • Active in mobile and stationary hydraulics as a component and system supplier
  • Modern manufacturing centres
  • Expansion to the whole of Germany
  • PTL Prüfstandstechnik Leipzig
  • Milde Hydraulik, Wurzen
  • Hydraulik Schwerin, Schwerin
  • Litronic, Neu-Ulm & Parchim
  • Hydraulik Nord Technologies, Parchim
  • KMF Kemptener Maschinenfabrik, Kempten
  • Andreas Lupold Hydrotechnik, Vöhringen
  • Buck, Dürmentingen

Our sections

Detailed description of the responsibilities of the sections

Project management / hydraulics

  • Verification of requirements
  • Development of functional specifications
  • Calculation of hydraulic equipment
  • Project planning and construction of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic drawing design with ePlan Fluid
  • Selection of components
  • Optimisation of hydraulic systems at the customer’s site
  • Training of service personnel

Electrical planning

  • Planning, projecting and construction of electrotechnical and electrohydraulic systems
  • Creation of circuit diagrams with ePlan P8
  • Selection of components
  • Installation and control of circuit and control systems
  • Integration of control technology, electrical measurement technology and automation


  • Realization of graphical user interfaces using imc/LabView
  • PLC programming for various systems, e.g. B. TIA Portal, CoDeSys
  • Drive controllers from Siemens, Parker, ABB, …
  • Programming of safety systems, e.g. PNOZ multi
  • Initial start-up of the control system
  • User training at the customer


  • Design, verification and strength calculation of machinery systems
  • Conception, development according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and WHG (Water Resources Act)
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) with Autodesk Inventor
  • Creation of production documents and parts lists

Hydraulic and electrical assembly

  • From the power unit to the control cabinet, we assemble everything in-house

Mission statement

Holistic quality, effective use of the necessary resources, reduction of the environmental impact and increase in energy performance are fundamental prerequisites for achieving our corporate goals.


Customer satisfaction for a long-term and cooperative partnership


Competitiveness through innovative and high-quality solutions


Environmentally responsible to minimize our waste and increase recycling


Reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency


Responsibility of each employee for qualitative work and constructive “togetherness”


Code of Conduct through acting with integrity and strict compliance with laws and regulations


Respect for the fundamental principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption


Rejection of any form of discrimination


Refrain from doing business that is related to corruption


Confidentiality of information and intellectual property


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