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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Service

Maintenance, optimization and certification


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Service

We offer value retention, modernization and brand-independent service.
  1. Servicing, inspection, maintenance for hydraulics and electrics in plants and systems
  2. High hydraulic system competence for sustainable failure & damage repair
  3. Diagnosis and repair of pumps/motors and cylinders
  4. Diagnosis and repair of servo and proportional valves
  5. Acceptance of long-term maintenance contracts
  6. Manufacturer-independent portfolio of trading goods hydraulics / pneumatics / accessories
  7. Hydraulic training for service and maintenance personnel
  8. Inspection of Accident prevention
  9. Energy consumption consulting


We offer a complete view of your system.
  1. Maintenance, optimization and certification
  2. Value retention through modernisation
  3. Performance enhancement
  4. Retrofitting the latest safety technology
  5. Hydraulic Condition Monitoring (HCM)
  6. Improving energy efficiency
  7. PLC retrofitting
  8. Establishment of CE conformity
  9. Preventive maintenance, hydraulic condition monitoring, integration into AI systematics


Partial or complete retrofit to modernize the hydraulic units & Attachments includes:
  1. Hydraulic
  2. Electrical
  3. Control
  4. Construction
  5. Review of risk assessment and CE conformity

Hydraulic service kompetenzverbund

Member for the benefit of customers
Bundling of hydraulic system competence for the benefit of customers in a wide range of industries. Use of the absolute and specific strengths of the respective alliance partner in the processing of customer requests and orders for the benefit of the customers.
Faster response and delivery times, absolutely professional and high-quality processing by the most qualified specialists. Reduction of the customer’s spare parts needs. Greater variety of trade goods on offer.

Trade goods and spare parts supply

As a brand-independent manufacturer of testing systems, we can support you as a customer in the procurement of spare and wear parts.
With our large network of suppliers, we can find the right solution for you as a customer.

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